Project Development
Project development comprises the the whole process of idea till completement or realization of a real estate or infrastructural object. Our technical, financial and commercial skills enable us to advise in each step of the process and also to act as the initiator of projects.

The typical steps to such a project are:

  • Idea
  • Market Survey
  • Conceptual Design
  • Financal Analysis
  • Businessplan
  • Detailed Design
  • Realisation

Our creative team is continiously monitoring society and trends and cooking up ideas on basis of these trends. Subsequently we investigate the feasibility by means of Market Survey, Conceptual Design and Financial Analysis (by calculating the payback period or net present value for example). If the projects is promising and viable, we may prepare a business plan, and set things in motion for realizing the project.

Project Amaresa Resort (Thailand)
Amaresa Resort is a tropical eco-style resort on the Island of Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand that was developed by Prolusion. Picking up on the growing trend of people looking for quiet hide-away idyllic places to escape the stress and hustle of daily life, we decided to design and develop a resort in a secluded green environment with view over the sea. The design included the Masterplan, bungalows and utilities such as drinking water and electricity. The resort has now been operational for 5 years. More information can be found at


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